One of the founders of Mercury Payment Systems, Marc Katz, has announced his plans to turn Durango’s Ewing Mesa into a public-recreational area and outdoor concert venue. He has purchased 1,850 acres, and has expressed that he is not interested in building any sort of housing on the property, which has been discussed in previous years by the former owners. For all newcomers to Durango who aren't sure where Ewing Mesa is, I've attached a map! The red pin is located on Ewing Mesa. It is also adjacent to Horse Gulch, one of Durango’s most popular trailheads (located by Sonic). In Katz’s news release, he expressed how excited he is for this project, and how great it would be for Durango to have a concert venue of our very own! No dates were given to when this large venture will start to take place. Here is a link to the full article from the Durango Herald.