Thinking of listing your home and want it to be ready to hit the market running? Here are a few tips as well as recommendations on who can help.

Refresh Curb Appeal. We always want to put our best foot forward and that applies to your home as well. Even before a potential buyer comes to look at your home, odds are they have seen the listing on MLS or Zillow. Having the front of your home refreshed with trimmed trees and shrubs, tended flower beds, a fresh mowed lawn and a welcoming clean sweep makes all the difference. Make sure to weed and water throughout the time that your home is on the market.

Paint Touchups Wear and tear throughout the home is natural and happens in every home. Yet it helps the home look well maintained when the paint it touched up from door dings, moving furniture etc.

For Paint Touchups & Curb Appeal I Recommend: Random Tasks Inc.

Deep Clean Whether you want to hire someone to deep clean or do it yourself, this is the best time to get the house deep cleaned throughout. Your listing will benefit from reviews of being clean as well as a fresh clean scent to boost enjoyment of the showing.

Clean Windows Let the natural light pour into your home with spotless windows.

Carpets and Floors Cleaned Clean floors can make a major difference not only in the feel of your home but can bring that older carpet back to life making it seem like a newer update that it may be.

For Cleaning Needs I Recommend: Out of Sight & Black Bear Carpet Cleaners

Un-personalize Your Home/Minimize the Impact of Your Pet Future homebuyers love to be able to put themselves into a home and envision what they will make it look like. Family photos are cherished memories so now may be a good time to wrap them up and box them in a safe box to make them move ready. Put away extra toys and beds, clean and hide litter boxes and make it look like they don't live there!

Clean and Organize Closets Another important room/space in your home is closets. Think of the less is more approach when it comes to your closets to make them appear larger and cleaner.

Declutter This is the number one way to make your home feel larger, empty space is good space. Have three containers ready with you: one for trash, one for donating, and one for items you’ll take with you to the new house but don’t immediately need. This way, half of the packing will already be done before you even sell your home.

Stage the Home/Spruce Up the Pantry There is no need to go crazy here but homebuyers will be curious about the kitchen and the storage space that it holds, by tidying up this area you can increase the positive reaction people have with your kitchen.

For Staging and Decluttering I Recommend: Simone Wolff at Casey-Marie Interiors , Matlock, Paige at Relove

Consider Pre Inspection A pre-inspection provides sellers with a realistic assessment of the condition of their home prior to marketing it for sale. Sellers can then choose to make necessary repairs and provide proof of repairs to potential buyers. Over all makes the buyers more comfortable moving forward and helps to avoid extensive price negotiation later down the road.

For Inspection Needs I Recommend: Todd Wright (970)759-8241 and Jason Carter (970)759-0063