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All Aboard the Polar Express!

   If you have kids and are lucky enough to live in the Durango area, odds are you'll be riding the Polar Express annually for several years! 

The train ride lasts about 2 hours and it goes out to the North Pole (aka Sleeping Beauty Ranch in the Animas Valley). The "Chefs" on board are very cute teens--in fact our nanny was one a couple years ago. They are usually theater students looking for extra money during break! Luckily the train ride is entertaining for the kids with all the singing and treats. Kids often dress in pajamas or a robe, which makes it extra cute! 

This year, my mother in law came to visit and we rode the Polar Express with all the cousins! As you can imagine, it was nutty!

After the ride, the kids can meet Santa and sit on his lap. Ryder said he wanted a "quiet robot" for Christmas!!! (It's because last year Santa brought him robot that was too loud and it scared him!)

Unfortunately, the Polar Express can be expensive and there are families who aren't able to ride this train. Last year I donated 4 seats to a family in need. I found them through the Family Center  who was incredibly helpful in organizing this. 

Since the holidays fill me with extra gratitude, I try to help those who are less fortunate every year. This year I've adopted two families in need (one is elderly and one is disabled) and plan to do some shopping and cooking for them. I look forward to doing this, and I plan to involve my kids more in the process so they can help too. 

For more information on Project Merry Christmas, click here

Let me know ways that you like to get involved with the community. I am always looking for more ways to help! 

Happiest of Holidays to you all!