Last Saturday marked my 2nd Annual Appreciation & Harvest Party. This is my way of thanking my clients for their support and friendship over the years, and celebrating my favorite season. Fall is a short season in Durango but offers the most amazing hot sun, crisp air and beautiful colors. We got lucky this year and had beautiful weather, so the kids could play in the grass. 

The kids had a blast- we had about 15 of them! They pet the two resident goats, tossed bean bags, played with punching balloons and chased each other around the ranch. 

Speaking of kids, everyone got to meet the newest addition to our family, Reese. She's two months old now! She spent most of the time strapped to my chest, sleeping and peaceful as always. I can't wait to watch her play with the other kids next year, probably just learning how to walk! 

Every year, Cynthia and Robert at the James Ranch Harvest Grill, cook up some delicious, local, organic eats for us!  This year we had harvest burgers and Durango Dawgs, fresh local veggies with home made ranch, local potato chips and home baked cookies. The hard cider was also a hit!

If you haven't been to James Ranch, the setting is magical. Cows graze in the pasture and bright yellow fall leaves contrast against the dark red cliffs of the Animas Valley. James Ranch also has a store that is open most days, selling cheeses, beef, ice cream and veggies! They offer an annual CSA, beef shares and eggs too. They are an organization worth supporting because they are the sweetest local families with a great mission.  

If you didn't make it this year, I hope to see you next October!  

Happy Fall!!